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White Sage w Yerba Santa

White Sage w Yerba Santa

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White Sage has been known to clear the air of evil spirits, dirt and is known to be antibacterial. Provides protection and purification, cleanses spaces and people. Gets rid of unwanted spirits and negative energy. Provides wisdom clarity and increases spiritual awareness. Yerba Santa is a flowering shrub native to Southwest America and Northern Mexico and is considered to be a sacred herb in Native American and Spanish cultures. It is used for protection, courage, purification and healing. When lit, Yerba Santa smudge sticks release a fragrant, earthy scent that purifies the air and creates a serene atmosphere. The scent is sweeter than that of plain white sage.


Ingredients: White Sage w/ Yerba Santa


Directions: Keep in the bundle and light the tip or take pieces and place them in a burner and light. Allow to burn, sage will go out on its own.

Our sage is hand grown, hand tied, handmade and grown organically. 

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